Release Notes - December 20, 2017

New Features

  • New Reports
    • Talks Report: view reservations, attendance, close, and other statistics from your talks.
    • ROF Results Report: view a breakdown of the results of your ROFs.
    • Summary Report: view weekly statistics.
  • Program Groups
    • Categorize and sort your leads and patients into named groups, to make managing your data easier.
    • If you have expired Wellness Programs that you no longer want to show in your Wellness Program list, you can edit the Wellness Program and mark it as inactive.
  • Multiple Supplement Banks
    • If you need multiple banks for your patient, you can add, delete, and edit multiple banks in the "Contact Details" page ("Programs" section).
  • Updated Lead Filtering
    • On the "Leads" page, there are new filtering options to make finding relevant leads simpler and easier.
    • Additionally, some of the filters add color coding to highlight leads that need attention.
    • For example, if you use the "Past ROFs" filter, any lead that does not have a ROF Result assigned will be highlighted in red.