Release Notes - December, 2017

New Features

  • Multiple talks and ROFs per lead
    • To improve data accuracy, leads can now be assigned to multiple talks and ROFs, as needed.
  • ROF Result Data
    • Use the new ROF result codes to indicate the outcome of your consults. Using the "No Show", "No Spouse", "No Paperwork", and "Rescheduled" result codes will cause your dashboard stats to reflect that you had a ROF scheduled, but not completed.
  • Lead Guest Flag
    • For the contacts that are not true leads, but are guests of true leads, mark them as "Guests" on the contact details page. This will improve accuracy of reports, like the marketing report.
  • Improved Marketing Report
    • The Marketing Report has been overhauled and improved. Additional columns have been added, and you can selectively turn on and off which columns you want to see.
  • Marketing Source/Campaign Lead Lists
    • Click on the lead counts on the marketing source/campaign pages to get the list of leads..