Release Notes - October, 2015

New Features

  • Wellness Program Classes
    • Create a list of classes that your clients will attend as they progress through your wellness program.
  • Wellness Program Sessions
    • Sessions are the scheduled instances of Wellness Program Classes. You can schedule the sessions one-by-one or, if you already have a week of classes that you want to copy, you can clone an existing week's schedule to a future week.
  • Wellness Program Client Schedule
    • Assign your wellness program clients to class sessions, in the order of your defined curriculum. Take advantage of options that make it easy to spread out your client's classes over your desired timeframe.
  • Automated Class Emails
    • Create emails that will automatically send before and after your client attends a class.
  • Supplement Bank
    • For all of your wellness program clients, you can track the amount left in their bank and when individual purchases were made.
  • List of wellness program participants
    • From the "Wellness Program" page, you can view how many active clients are assigned to each program and link to a list of the active clients.