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Track Leads And Talks

Manage the status of your leads from when they first sign up for a talk, all the way when they finish one of your wellness programs. Easily assign leads to upcoming talks, view an overview of attendee counts for your talks, and print attendance sheets.

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Manage Program Classes And Clients

Create a curriculum for your wellness clients. Schedule classes and follow your client's progress as they progress through your curriculum. Print out class schedules for each client and get attendance sheets for each class.

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Automate Lead Emails

Looking for a way to automatically send emails to your leads as they progress through your sales pipeline? With WellTrack Toolkit, you can send information to your leads using your own templates and content.

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Lead management. Designed for your sales flow.

Once you enter a new lead, you can track his or her progress through the lead flow process. Record their reservation at an upcoming talk. Assign a first consult date with the practitioner. And assign the lead to a wellness program. There are even features you can use to verify that someone from your clinic has confirmed an appointment or reservation with the prospect.

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Talk attendance. Simple yet powerful.

Once your leads are entered into the system, you can easily view or change the talk they are scheduled to attend. From a single page, you can see how many people are attending all of your upcoming talks, including any guests that your prospects are bringing. And when the day of your talk arrives, use the convenient printable attendance sheet to help leads check in before the talk and sign up afterwards.

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Program management. All in a single system.

After a lead has become one of your wellness program clients, you can continue to use WellTrack Toolkit to track their progress through your program. Create a schedule for all of your classes. Arrange those classes into standard curriculum for each client. Assign each client to upcoming classes. Print class schedules. Track supplement banks. You can do it all from one platform.

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Automatically send emails. Reliable and worry-free.

Part of your lead-flow process and wellness program management is sending emails to all of your leads as they progress through each step. Stop manually sending those emails and instead let WellTrack Toolkit automatically send out those emails. Since you create the templates and provide your own email server settings, your contact with your leads will be personalized to match your clinic's message.

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